January 2021

UNIPROD AG acquires all activities of Techex Handels AG

Ramus & Company has implemented a succession solution for the owners of Eastern Switzerland’s TECHEX Handels AG. UNIPROD AG, a portfolio company of Halder Beteiligungsberatung GmbH, took over all activities of TECHEX in an asset deal.


Entrepreneurs Rolf Zehnder and Maria Moser have been building up Techex Handels AG («TECHEX») since 2005. TECHEX focuses on the trade in individual components and the manufacture of assemblies in the areas of pneumatics and process technology and has been working together with the Japanese SMC Corporation («SMC») since its foundation.

As part of the realisation of their succession plan, the owners have decided to sell the business activities to UNIPROD and thereby secure a common future with promising synergy opportunities in the long term. TECHEX will be integrated into UNIPROD’s existing activities as part of an asset deal, whereby the location in Wil SG and the focus on customers in Eastern Switzerland will be retained.

Since the beginning of 2020, UNIPROD has been part of the Valeta Group, which serves over 2,500 customers and generates annual sales of over EUR 40 million in Germany, Switzerland and Lithuania with around 200 employees.

About TECHEX Handels AG

TECHEX is active in the fields of pneumatics and automation. Components from the world’s leading supplier SMC are used to assemble and deliver individual components and customised assemblies in the areas of pneumatics and automation. The company supplies well-known Swiss and international customers with a focus on eastern Switzerland.

About Halder Beteiligungsberatung GmbH

Halder is a private equity firm that has carried out over 40 transactions in the German-speaking region since 1991 and primarily invests in medium-sized companies. As an investment company, Halder supports its portfolio companies in their international expansion, the further development of their strategy and business models as well as in investments for capacity expansion and acquisitions.

In March 2020, Halder already acquired UNIPROD AG and its sister companies SIRAG AG and UNIVER AG as part of a succession plan.

More information about Halder: www.halder.eu

More information about UNIPROD: www.uniprod-ag.ch

Role of Ramus & Company

Ramus & Company accompanied the sales process on behalf of the owners of TECHEX as exclusive M&A advisor. In this capacity, Ramus & Company prepared the sales documentation, led the due diligence and contract negotiations, and closed the transaction.

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