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Realizing the turnaround of an international transportation group


A leading Swiss group of companies in the logistics and transport industry has an international business with numerous operating companies abroad. The company became under severe pressure due to increasing energy prices, increase in competitiveness in the market and the continuing strength of the Swiss Franc. An in-depth analysis of the business activities, the markets and the financial situation is to be carried out in order to ensure the turnaround.

Project scope:

  • Efficiency improvement by increasing the utilization of existing human and capital resources.
  • Product mix profitability improvement by prioritizing high-margin over low-margin products in the market.
  • Neutralization of the currency risk exposure through the currency alignment of cost and revenue items and through the implementation of hedge instruments
  • Sale and divestment of the non-performing and non-core assets
  • Improvement of asset turnover by increasing the working capital efficiency


  • Logistics and transportation

Results and added value:

  • Reinstated a strong competitive position in the market
  • Significant improvement in EBITDA and ROCE performance
  • Maintaining high service quality for customers throughout the process


  • Switzerland
  • Europe
  • Other countries

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