Equity & Debt Financing

Financing of a movable asset in the aviation industry


A Swiss aviation group has decided to expand its aircraft fleet by another aircraft. As the company lacked the necessary capital for this procurement, external financing had to be organized.

Project scope:

  • Evaluation of the various financing options taking into account various criteria (environment, risk profile, financing costs, taxes)
  • Creation of a special purpose vehicle (SPV) to isolate the asset from the business risk of the operating entity
  • Performance of a RFP process towards specialized funds and banks
  • Shortlisting of the options and negotiation with the selected financers
  • Implementation of the transaction documentation in coordination with legal advisors


  • Aviation

Results and added value:

  • Timely procurement of the required asset financing
  • Combining the creation of a special purpose entity with an RFP process
  • Realisation of the most favourable financing conditions through the chosen procedure


  • Europe

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