CFO Value

You are the owner or CEO of a mature company or a late-stage start-up and are looking for a finance executive to support you with optimizing your portfolio of offerings, improving your profitability, and how best to further increase the value of the company. Depending on your long-term objective you may want to start planning for an exit, succession, or execute a growth strategy. You are an investor/PE firm who is looking for CFO services for one of their portfolio companies.



CFO Services


  • A Ramus & Company CFO will act as your sparring partner on strategic, tactical and operational questions
  • Their mission is to help you increase the value of your company

Portfolio Optimization

  • Generate insights on the gross and net margin contributions of your portfolio of goods & services
  • Help you focus on the right things and adjust/re-fine your portfolio strategy

Productivity / Profitability

  • Review levers of productivity (technology/process/organization/utilization/capabilities) and set & monitor productivity improvement agenda
  • Assess and implement pricing strategies to enhance your profitability/company value

Enhance Finance Function

  • Professionalize your finance function in line with your needs and your stage as a company
  • Establish, enhance and lead your financial planning & control cycles, including projecting cash flows, the life blood of your company.

Make it happen

Let us discuss your entrepreneurial challenges and project plans and realize them together. We look forward to hearing from you.


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