CFO Growth

You are the owner/co-founder/CEO of a start-up or scale-up company and are looking for a finance executive to help you on your growth strategy and get you ready for fundraising. Along with that, you need to keep a close handle on your cashflow, professionalize your finance function to ensure financial insight for decision making, and enhance control and compliance.
You are an investor/VC firm who is looking to upgrade the finance capabilities of one of your portfolio companies and free up management time to focus on growing the business.



CFO Services


A Ramus & Company CFO will professionalize your finance function in line with your needs and your stage as a company. They will establish, enhance and lead your financial planning & control cycles, including projecting cash flows, the life blood of your company.

Strategic Roadmap

  • The CFO will help you translate strategies into actionable financial roadmaps
  • Support you in strategy setting through financial assessment of alternative strategies


  • Growth requires a fine balance between investments and bottom-line returns
  • The CFO will help you pace your growth sustainably through cash flow scenario planning and keeping control of your runway

Fit for Fundraising

  • Translate your past traction and future vision into a compelling financial investment story
  • Help you in dealing with investor/shareholder expectations

Make it happen

Let us discuss your entrepreneurial challenges and project plans and realize them together. We look forward to hearing from you.


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