CFO Diagnostic

You are the owner/co-founder/CEO of a scale-up company or Small or Mid-Sized Enterprise (SME) looking to address a specific financial question or pain point.

Together with you, we conduct a workshop (1-3 days) focusing on a specific question. You walk away with an actionable recommendation while testing the mutual fit for an ongoing collaboration.

CFO Services

Example 1 – Cashflow/Funding

  • How much cash runway do I have?
  • What type of funding should I aim for and when?

Example 2 - Profitability

  • What are the levers I have for improving my profitability?
  • Which of these levers should I go after?

Example 3 – Diagnostic of the Finance Function

  • How can I professionalize my finance function?
  • What are the gaps/areas for enhancement and which ones should I prioritize acting on?

Make it happen

Let us discuss your entrepreneurial challenges and project plans and realize them together. We look forward to hearing from you.


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