CFO Services

In scale-up companies and SMEs the CEO and management team often wear various hats. As growth accelerates or profitability becomes the imperative to increase the value of your company, a professional CFO is called for.

Ramus & Company supports you with an experienced C-level finance executive on demand. Where it is too early to hire a full-time CFO, we provide a part-time CFO to structurally reinforce the management team. An economically viable solution tailored to your needs.



CFO Diagnostic

Address a specific financial question or pain point and walk away with a tangible recommendation with limited commitment.

CFO Growth

Get a high caliber finance executive to support your company on its growth and fundraising journey.

CFO Value

Engage an experienced CFO as a sparring partner to optimize the value and profitability of your company ahead of an exit.

Our Advantages

  1. Financial & Strategic Know-how
  2. Performance Orientation
  3. Outside-in Perspective
  4. Cost Efficiency
  5. Maximum Flexibility

The CFO – a critical success factor to help growing and mature companies thrive

The role of a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is to enable a company to maximize its value by driving the right resource allocation, investment and financing decisions in line with the company strategy.

The CFO serves both as the steward of financial health and compliance, as well as a strategic sparring partner for the management team. They give strategic, tactical and operational recommendations based on data-driven insights.

Who benefits from a part-time CFO by Ramus & Company?

A Ramus & Company CFO is right for organizations with a desire to grow, professionalize and realize their ambitions.

CEO and Management
Ramus & Company realizes high performance Finance for ambitious entrepreneurs, CEOs and boards of directors who need more from Finance. Your Ramus & Company CFO is structurally part of the team and fully flexible.

Owners and Investors (VCs and PEs)
Ramus & Company performs the Finance function at your portfolio companies. We provide the execution of business plans, growth and profitability initiatives, control, reporting, and flawless financial processes.

In which phase of the life cycle do you benefit from a CFO?

In each stage of the life cycle a CFO will add value.

The CFO Growth program by Ramus & Company focuses on start-ups and scale-ups, while the CFO Value program supports through the later stages of your company.

A CFO becomes critical ahead of important transaction events such as a fundraising round or an exit.


Our CFO Services

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