April 2024

Ramus & Company expands its CFO Services

Ramus & Co supports growing and mature companies with an experienced C-level finance executive on demand. An economically viable solution tailored to SME’s needs.


A Ramus & Company CFO (Chief Financial Officer) is right for organizations with a desire to grow, professionalize and realize their ambitions. Where it is too early to hire a full-time CFO, we provide a part-time CFO to structurally reinforce the management team. Our CFO Services bring added value for the owners, investors, CEOs and their management teams in each stage of the company life cycle.


The CFO Services by Ramus & Company include CFO Diagnostic, CFO Growth and CFO Value programs. The CFO Diagnostic program is aimed for all Small or Mid-Sized Enterprises (SMEs) looking to address a specific financial question or pain point, which could be related to cashflow, funding, profitability, or more generally to diagnosing the finance function. It is delivered in a workshop-based format (1-3 days tailored to the individual challenge).


The CFO Growth program is a perfect match for a start-up or scale-up company looking for a finance executive to support a growth strategy or to prepare for fundraising. Investors and VC firms looking to upgrade the finance capabilities of their portfolio companies and free up management time to focus on growing the business will also take advantage of the CFO Growth program.


Management teams and CEOs of mature companies or late-stage start-ups looking for a finance executive to optimize their portfolio of offerings, improve profitability, and increase the value of the company will benefit from the CFO Value program.


The CFO is a critical success factor for growing and mature companies. Whatever the financial challenge or phase of the company life cycle, Ramus & Company professionals are here to help their client’s businesses thrive.


Harald Vogels, Partner and CFO: “Switzerland has a thriving SME and start-up scene. Out of a total of more than 600’000 SMEs, approximately 30’000 have the size and complexity where a (part-time) CFO adds value. While no precise data is available, we estimate that a sizable share of these companies (in the 4-digit range) misses out on the opportunity. This is where we would like to play a part in strengthening the entrepreneurship eco-system.”


Christoph Schaefer, Associate Partner and CFO, adds: “Do not underestimate the value of a CFO. We are often asked what the ROI (return on investment) of engaging a part-time/fractional CFO is. The best way to sum it up is avoiding opportunity costs. A CFO provides the insights to take the right decisions faster and to capitalize on growth opportunities and frees up valuable time of the management team to focus on product, business development and growth. Besides enabling capturing the upside, he or she also protects the company from downside risk through stringent cashflow management and foresight.”

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