January 2020

Succession Solution for Tech-Laser

COFIP Holding, a subsidiary of the Robert SAS Group, acquired 100% of the Swiss company Tech-Laser S.A. and is strengthening its industrial activities with this transaction. Ramus & Company advised the shareholders of Tech-Laser on the transaction.


With the acquisition of Tech-Laser Sandoz S.A. («Tech-Laser»), the Robert SAS Group («Robert SAS») is strengthening its industrial activities in Switzerland. Tech-Laser was a subsidiary of the industrial FMCK Holding AG («FMCK») in Goumoens-la-Ville VD/Switzerland. FMCK is owned by Fritz Aeschbach, a long-time entrepreneur. FMCK Holding has sold this shareholding as part of its medium-term succession plan.

About Tech-Laser

Tech-Laser is an innovative service company in the field of laser cutting technology, offering the complete range of solutions for sheet metal processing (including other materials). The company covers the value chain from engineering to the end product. Tech-Laser has a strong market position, particularly in Western Switzerland. Its broad customer base includes major local and international industrial companies from a wide range of sectors.

Tech-Laser was founded in 1989 and has made significant investments over the years in high-tech laser cutting, sheet metal working and surface treatment machinery. This enabled a high degree of automation, quality and efficiency for the company. The company owns the real es-tate necessary for its operations and there is the potential to expand production capacity.

More information: www.techlaser.ch

About the Robert SAS

Robert SAS is one of the largest French steel service centers in the flat carbon steel sector, specializing in the supply of wide strip, slit strip, sheets and blanks. Robert SAS has grown primarily through the acquisition and establishment of new subsidiaries. The Group offers a complete range of services that can meet the needs of its customers in various sectors.

More information: www.robert.fr

Role of Ramus & Company

Ramus & Company («R&Co») has been mandated by the shareholders of Tech-Laser as their exclusive M&A advisor. In this role, R&Co managed the sales process, prepared the sales documentation, managed the due diligence process and contract negotiations and completed the transaction.

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