September 2021

Joint venture between SwissCommerce and Piemontana Holding

Under smile365 AG (, SwissCommerce and Piemontana Holding have launched a major new e-commerce portal for B2C customers in the Swiss dental marketSwissCommerce AG, an e-commerce specialist, and Piemontana Holding AG, an investor in the dental industry, are pooling their know-how and resources to provide end consumers with a comprehensive and unique programme in the areas of oral care and beauty. Ramus & Company brought both partners together and supported the preparations of the joint venture.


smile365 is a B2C e-shop that targets beauty and wellness customers with a unique and innovative approach to a beautiful smile. In addition to consumer oral care solutions, smile365 offers beauty products for the lips, mouth and more. smile365 sets itself apart from its competitors with a natural, sustainable and innovative product selection.

About SwissCommerce AG 

SwissCommerce AG («SwissCommerce»), based in Langenthal, develops and operates e-commerce platforms in niche and specialised markets. At the moment, over 100 employees operate ten shops in Switzerland, Germany and Austria with over 55,000 products. The shops record over 3 million visits per year and supply over 300,000 active customers.

The SwissCommerce shops can be found under the following URLs:,,,,,,,,,,,


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About Piemontana Holding AG

Piemontana Holding AG («Piemontana»), headquartered in Zurich, is an investment company owned by three Swiss entrepreneurs Beat Brägger, Fabio Fagagnini and Lukas Gayler. Piemontana invests in companies in the health technology sector, focusing in particular on the areas of medical devices, information technologies, biomedical engineering and healthcare services.

Piemontana is currently the owner of Mikrona Group AG, which combines the two business units active in the dental industry, MIKRONA ( and ORTHO WALKER (, under one roof.


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Role of Ramus & Company

Ramus & Company initiated the discussions between the two joint venture partners and supported the preparations for the joint venture. This way, a significant B2C portal in the Swiss dental market will be rebuilt and repositioned.

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