August 2021

ERNE surface AG joins the Thommen-Furler Group

With the sale and affiliation to the Thommen-Furler Group, the long-term future of ERNE surface AG is secured. ERNE’s current location in Dällikon will be retained and the business activities will be expanded and further developed together with the buyer. Ramus & Company acted as exclusive M&A advisor to the sellers in the transaction.


ERNE surface AG (hereinafter «ERNE») has been successfully built up by the Erne family over three generations since 1936 and has continued to develop to this day. Mrs Rea Erne has led the company as Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder since 2012. As part of a long-term succession plan, the family has decided to sell the operating business of ERNE to the Thommen-Furler Group (hereinafter «TFG»), which is active throughout Switzerland. With its range of surface treatment products and services, ERNE is an ideal complement to TFG’s existing activities. In the future, ERNE will work closely with the other TFG Group companies.

After the transaction, ERNE will continue to operate as an independent company under its own name and will continue to be led by the existing management. The current site in Dällikon (ZH) is to be further strengthened over the next few years in cooperation with TFG’s other subsidiaries and developed into a centre of excellence for surface technologies. In addition, all ERNE employees will continue to be employed after the transaction is completed.

ERNE’s clients and business partners will not experience any fundamental changes as a result of the transaction. Rather, ERNE’s existing clients will be served even more comprehensively, supplemented by TFG’s expanded range of services, and the employees will be able to contribute their experience in working with TFG’s other group companies.

About ERNE surface AG

ERNE is a Swiss trading, service and engineering company active in the fields of surface treatment, chemistry and plant engineering. The company supplies electroplating operators and other customers with its own and third-party products that are required for chemical surface treatments. In addition, ERNE also offers corresponding analytical services, the packaging and storage of chemicals and training for surface coaters.

Customers are served by ERNE across the entire value chain of surface coating. In addition to the actual provision of chemicals, the company also covers the construction of electroplating plants and the maintenance of such plants. ERNE has a broadly diversified customer portfolio with renowned Swiss customers and employs around 30 people.

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About Thommen-Furler Group

Since 1990, the TFG, with its operating companies Thommen-Furler AG, Alcosuisse AG, Spaltag AG, Alab AG and Recyplus Entsorgung AG, has focused on the distribution of chemicals, chemical specialties and lubricants, environmental technology and the disposal and recycling of industrial and hazardous waste on the basis of the ChemCare® concept. Thommen Furler’s increasing specialisation is demonstrated by the ongoing addition of a rapidly growing range of chemical specialities, lubricants, waste disposal and analytical services to its range of industrial chemicals.

With its integrated transport logistics, the TFG’s 400 employees now provide comprehensive supply and disposal services for over 13,000 customers throughout Switzerland in the industrial and automotive sectors.

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Role of Ramus & Company

Ramus & Company managed the sales process on behalf of the sellers as exclusive M&A advisor. In this role, Ramus & Company prepared the sales documentation, approached prospective buyers, conducted due diligence and contract negotiations and successfully closed the transaction.

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