July 2022

Bridge Financing for TONI Digital

TONI Digital has successfully raised CHF 2.25 million to back its ambitious further growth plans. Ramus & Company has supported the fundraising process.


After its last funding round in 2020, TONI Digital Insurance Solutions AG («TONI») has successfully raised additional CHF 2.25 million in the form of convertible loans. Both existing and new investors participated in this bridge financing, which is to be converted to equity as part of the next financing round.

In order to significantly expand its rollout activities in Switzerland and other countries, TONI is planning a Serie B financing round which shall be kicked off later in 2022.


About TONI Digital 

TONI is a leading independent Insurance-as-a-Service platform offering multiple insurance products on one proprietary orchestration IT platform.

It offers end-to-end capabilities from underwriting to claims management using multiple risk carriers and leading brands as distribution partners allowing them to market their own insurance products stand-alone or fully embedded.

These end-to-end-capabilities and TONI’s IT platform allow any insurance or sales channel to actively sell insurance products under its own label and enter the market much faster due to a fully API-based IT platform and skills.

So far, TONI has developed and implemented successful white-label insurance solutions for PostFinance, MIGROS, MIGROS BANK, ÖKK, Emil Frey, BELSURA, etc.


Further information: www.tonidigital.ch


Role of Ramus & Company

Ramus & Company has supported TONI throughout the entire fundraising process and contributed new investor leads.

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